Petrol and Diesel Price Today 2024 in India, State/City Wise

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Petrol and Diesel Price Today in India – State and City-wise List for the petrol and diesel rate are now available on this page. The price of petrol and diesel keeps on changing everyday, due to which it is very important for you to stay updated about their price. Since 2014, the prices of these two have increased continuously and they are going to increase even more in the coming times.

Increase in international demand, low production rate and any political unrest in the crude oil producing countries of the world severely affects petrol price. In this article, you are telling about petrol and diesel price, this list was prepared according to the state and city.

Petrol and Diesel Price Today

Every day, the prices for petrol and diesel are revised at 6.00 am in the country. Read the below-mentioned price list for petrol and diesel today.

State Wise List For Petrol And Diesel Price

Andhra Pradesh87.24 ₹/L80.21 ₹/L
Assam104.77 ₹/L90.56 ₹/L
Bihar115.40 ₹/L100.26 ₹/L
Chhattisgarh110.64 ₹/L102.02 ₹/L
Gujarat104.16 ₹/L98.49 ₹/L
Haryana105.22 ₹/L96.45 ₹/L
Himachal Pradesh105.05 ₹/L88.89 ₹/L
Jammu And Kashmir107.75 ₹/L91.22 ₹/L
Jharkhand107.85 ₹/L101.14 ₹/L
Karnataka109.82 ₹/L93.61 ₹/L
Kerala114.49 ₹/L101.42 ₹/L
Madhya Pradesh117.28 ₹/L100.37 ₹/L
Maharashtra117.53 ₹/L102.17 ₹/L
Odisha111.64 ₹/L101.39 ₹/L
Punjab104.19 ₹/L91.59 ₹/L
Rajasthan117.15 ₹/L100.11 ₹/L
Tamil Nadu110.55 ₹/L100.65 ₹/L
Telangana118.59 ₹/L104.62 ₹/L
Uttar Pradesh104.41 ₹/L95.98 ₹/L
Uttarakhand102.95 ₹/L96.53 ₹/L
West Bengal114.28 ₹/L99.02 ₹/L
NCT Of Delhi104.61 ₹/L95.87 ₹/L

City Wise Petrol And Diesel Rate List

Agra104.23 ₹/L95.78 ₹/L
Ahmedabad104.28 ₹/L98.60 ₹/L
Allahabad104.53 ₹/L96.11 ₹/L
Aurangabad121.29 ₹/L105.53 ₹/L
Bangalore110.25 ₹/L94.01 ₹/L
Bhopal117.27 ₹/L100.34 ₹/L
Bhubaneswar111.64 ₹/L101.39 ₹/L
Chandigarh103.96 ₹/L90.09 ₹/L
Chennai110.09 ₹/L100.18 ₹/L
Coimbatore110.57 ₹/L100.67 ₹/L
Dehradun102.95 ₹/L96.53 ₹/L
Delhi104.61 ₹/L95.87 ₹/L
Erode110.58 ₹/L100.68 ₹/L
Faridabad105.37 ₹/L96.60 ₹/L
Ghaziabad104.46 ₹/L96.02 ₹/L
Gurgaon105.06 ₹/L96.30 ₹/L
Guwahati104.77 ₹/L90.56 ₹/L
Hyderabad118.59 ₹/L104.62 ₹/L
Indore117.30 ₹/L100.39 ₹/L
Jaipur117.15 ₹/L100.11 ₹/L
Jammu105.69 ₹/L89.47 ₹/L
Jamshedpur107.82 ₹/L101.09 ₹/L
Kanpur104.14 ₹/L95.72 ₹/L
Kolhapur119.69 ₹/L102.41 ₹/L
Kolkata114.28 ₹/L99.02 ₹/L
Kozhikode114.49 ₹/L101.42 ₹/L
Lucknow104.45 ₹/L96.03 ₹/L
Ludhiana104.42 ₹/L93.09 ₹/L
Madurai110.67 ₹/L100.78 ₹/L
Mangalore109.44 ₹/L93.25 ₹/L
Mumbai119.67 ₹/L103.92 ₹/L
Mysore109.77 ₹/L93.57 ₹/L
Nagpur105.40 ₹/L96.62 ₹/L
Nashik119.99 ₹/L102.68 ₹/L
Noida104.67 ₹/L96.23 ₹/L
Patna115.40 ₹/L100.26 ₹/L
Pune119.14 ₹/L101.85 ₹/L
Raipur110.64 ₹/L102.02 ₹/L
Rajkot104.05 ₹/L98.38 ₹/L
Ranchi107.89 ₹/L101.18 ₹/L
Salem110.85 ₹/L100.95 ₹/L
Shimla105.05 ₹/L88.89 ₹/L
Srinagar109.80 ₹/L92.97 ₹/L
Surat103.37 ₹/L97.68 ₹/L
Thane118.97 ₹/L103.20 ₹/L
Thiruvananthapuram115.45 ₹/L102.26 ₹/L
Trichy109.79 ₹/L99.90 ₹/L
Vadodara103.14 ₹/L97.43 ₹/L
Varanasi104.47 ₹/L96.03 ₹/L
Visakhapatnam118.25 ₹/L103.97 ₹/L

Price Break up of Diesel

The data is as of 24 Sep 2017 in Delhi at IOCL retail pump outlet.

Components of Diesel Price Break-upUnit 
Cost & Freight (C&F) Price$/bbl68.92
Average Exchange RateRs/$64.09
Trade Parity Landed Cost Based on Daily Pricing Methodology (Price paid OMCs to refineries)Rs/Lt28.16
Marketing Cost, Margin, Freight and Other ChargesRs/Lt2.06
Price Charged to DealersRs/Lt30.22
Excise DutyRs/Lt17.33
Dealer CommissionRs/Lt2.5
VAT applicable for Delhi @ 16.75% + Rs. 0.25/Lt pollution cessRs/Lt8.67
Retail Selling Price at DelhiRs/Lt58.72

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