Gold Price Today in USA, India, Bangladesh (Per Gram) 2024

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Gold Price Today in USA, India, Bangalesh – Gold is one of the most precious materials found in the heart of the earth. Gold is liked by everyone all over the world, especially among women, the craze for gold is different. Along with this, the more gold the country has, the stronger the country becomes. Because of this everyone buys more and more gold.

For this reason, the price of gold is increasing continuously. Due to frequent fluctuations in the rate of the dollar, the price of gold also keeps on fluctuating. The price of gold in all countries like United States of America (USA), India, Bangladesh and Pakistan depends on the value of Dollar.Daily Gold Price Per Gram

Gold Price Today in USA | Gold Price Chart

The price of gold in any country depends on many factors. Gold price in the international markets today is based on its quality and changes in the USD rate. Along with the fluctuations of the dollar, the price of gold also changes from time to time. The price of gold is different every day.

If you are also going to buy gold, then it is very important for you to know about today’s gold price in both domestic and international markets. This price varies according to the rate of the US dollar. Along with this, the decrease and increase in demand as well as the stock and share prices also affect the back of gold.

Today’s Gold Rate in USA in Indian Rupees

Check today’s gold rate in USA per gram, gold rate per tola today in USA in Indian Rupee.

Weight24K Gold Price22K Gold Price21K Gold Price18K Gold Price
Per GramINR 3,878.58INR 3,555.24INR 3,397.07INR 2,908.83
Per TolaINR 45,239.00INR 41,467.57INR 39,622.79INR 33,928.01
Per SovereignINR 31,028.64INR 28,441.89INR 27,176.58INR 23,270.63
Per 10 GramsINR 38,785.80INR 35,552.36INR 33,970.72INR 29,088.29
Per OunceINR 120,637.33INR 110,580.19INR 105,660.76INR 90,474.70
Per 10 TolaINR 452,389.98INR 414,675.71INR 396,227.85INR 339,280.13
Per KilogramINR 3,878,580.17INR 3,555,235.63INR 3,397,072.35INR 2,908,829.16

Todays Gold Rate in USA in Pounds

Qty24Ct Gold Rate22Ct Gold Rate21Ct Gold Rate18Ct Gold Rate
1 GramGBP 42.44GBP 38.90GBP 37.17GBP 31.83
1 TolaGBP 494.96GBP 453.69GBP 433.51GBP 371.20
8 GramsGBP 339.48GBP 311.18GBP 297.34GBP 254.60
10 GramsGBP 424.35GBP 388.98GBP 371.67GBP 318.25
1 OunceGBP 1,319.89GBP 1,209.85GBP 1,156.03GBP 989.88
10 TolasGBP 4,949.57GBP 4,536.94GBP 4,335.10GBP 3,712.04
1 KgGBP 42,435.30GBP 38,897.61GBP 37,167.15GBP 31,825.32

How Gold Prices Move in India and Globally?

These are some special components which are enough to increase or decrease the gold rate. From which you can get an idea why the price of gold today is different than 10 years ago.

Demand/Supply – The value of any item depends the most on their demand and supply. Whenever the demand for gold is high, such as during weddings and festivals, the price of gold increases.

Global Production – Millions of tons of gold are produced every year. With this, its demand is increasing all over the world, in comparison to which gold is very less, due to which the change in the price of gold is happening more rapidly.

FAQs – Live Gold Price Today in USA

What is the Current Gold Import Duty?

In today’s time gold import duty is 10%. The government regularly changes the import duty as per the requirement.

How mush in one Tola Gold?

तोला को तौलने की प्राचीन भारतीय इकाई है। इस तरह के राजा महाराजाओं के लिए इसे बनाया गया था। 1 तोला 11.66 ग्राम है।

सरकारी योजना से जुडी जानकारी प्राप्त करने के लिए हमारी वेबसाइट Latest Sarkari Yojana को सब्सक्राइब करे, इसे साथ facebook page को follow भी करे, जिस से आपको समय रहते सभी जानकारी प्राप्त होती रहे।

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