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NIPUN Bharat Mission – Education is most important in building any nation. To further promote the field of education, the Government of India had launched a new education policy, under which many changes have been made in education. The scheme is named as NIPUN Bharat Mission and the implementation of the scheme will be done by the Department of School Education and Literacy. In today’s article, we are telling you in detail about NIPUN Bharat Mission, so read our article till the end.

The full name of this scheme is National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy. This scheme has been launched by the Ministry of Education on 5th July. Through this scheme, the knowledge of literacy and numeracy is to be imparted to the students. Today, through this article, we will give you all the necessary information about NIPUN Bharat Yojana. Like – what is Nipun Bharat? We will give you information about all the facts like its features, objectives, Nipun Bharat Yojana New Guidelines PDF, so definitely read this article till the end.

NIPUN Bharat Mission

Yojana NameNIPUN Bharat Mission
Scheme Typecentral government scheme
Age Group3 to 9 years including pre-school to Grade 3
Started Date5 July
Official Website

NIPUN Bharat Mission

Nipun scheme aims to provide basic literacy and numeracy knowledge to the girl child from class 3rd to 9th. So that all children can achieve that ability through which students can be able to read, write, speak and explain. There are many such children who take basic education after a long time, for them this scheme has been started. This scheme has been launched under the aegis of the centrally sponsored scheme ‘Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan’. All government and private schools will get the benefit of this scheme.

Nipun Yojana was launched by Hardeep Singh Puri. This scheme will be implemented under the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana, through which training will be provided to one lakh construction workers. Those who will do the work of giving education to the children. This will also increase many jobs. To make this scheme successful, 5 feminine systems will be established in all the states and union territories. This is an ambitious plan of the Government of India, through which it is to provide a comprehensible ability to read, write and arithmetic by 2026 – 2027.

Types of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy

  • oral language development
  • phonemic awareness
  • decoding
  • vocabulary
  • reading comprehension
  • read flow
  • concept about print
  • writing
  • culture of reading

Stakeholders of NIPUN Bharat Mission Scheme

  • States and Union Territories
  • National Council of Educational Research and Training
  • Central Board of Secondary Education
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
  • State Council of Educational Research and Training
  • District Institute Of Education And Training
  • District Education Officer and Block Education Officer
  • Block Resource Center and Cluster Resource Center
  • head teacher
  • Non-government organization
  • civil society organizations
  • school management committee
  • volunteer
  • community and parents
  • private school

The beginning of the Skilled India Mission has been started mainly keeping in mind the children of 3 to 9 years. The focus will be on the education of children of this age group. So that the basic education foundation of the children can be strengthened. Under NIPUN Bharat, the target has been set for the year 2026 – 2027. In this, children studying in Grade 1, Grade – 2 and Grade 3 classes after Pre School 1, Pre School 2 and Pre School 3 (Bal Vatika) will be given better education in language and mathematics.

Nipun Bharat Mission: Diksha Digital Content

Diksha portal has been started under Nipun Bharat Yojana. E-content will be made available through Diksha portal, which will be in the local language. This content can be read by both teachers and students. All the content available on Diksha Portal will be prepared by NCERT Board. Many types of training programs will also be available for teachers.

Such as training modules, support material for training sessions, videos, reading resources, teacher manual etc. All this content can also be viewed through the app of Deeksha Platform. The Diksha app will soon be launched by the Education Department on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Nipun Bharat Mission: Using the Diksha Platform

  • define training objectives
  • take advantage of available contacts
  • Onboarding of teachers
  • Providing training to State Support Teams
  • Communications & Outreach

Nipun Bharat Mission: Parent and Community Engagement

Parents will also be associated with this program for successful implementation of NIPUN Bharat Scheme. About 80% of the time children are at home, in such a situation most of the learning of children is done at home. Through this programme, parents should be linked with the education of their children, for which all kinds of efforts will be made. All the parents will be connected through email, WhatsApp, so that the parents get information about the education of their children from time to time.

Different Ways to Connect Family and Community

  • conducting a variety of programs
  • parent teacher meeting
  • Regular activities can also be done in the community
  • Workshop on parenting
  • Sending parents frequent updates about school activities and child’s progress.
  • giving assignments
  • Providing information about children’s progress to parents through email whatsapp etc.

Often the age of the girl child increases but they are very weak in terms of education, this scheme has been started for all those children. This scheme has been started with the objective of providing basic literacy to all children. The activities of this scheme will be monitored at the national level, state level and district level.

FAQs – Nipun Bharat Mission

What is Nipun Bharat Yojana?

Through the Nipun Bharat Yojana, quality education is to be provided to the children in the country.

What is the full form of NIPUN Bharat?

National Initiative For Proficiency in Reading with Understanding & Numeracy

In this article told you about Nipun Bharat Mission. Hope this information will prove useful for you. If you want any other information related to this article then you can ask through the comment box given below.

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