New MSP Price List 2022 for Rabi and Kharif Crops

New MSP Price List rabi crop

New MSP Price List 2022: The Central Government has approved the increase in MSP (Minimum Support Prices) for the marketing season 2022-23 of Rabi crops. Farmers were talking to the government for a long time to increase the MSP of crops, which was accepted by the central government this year. Now farmers will be able to get a good price for their crop, so that their economic condition can improve.

The MSP is approved by the state and central government according to which the government agencies procure the crops from the farmers. No one can buy crops below the fixed price.

Minimum Support Price (MSP)

PriceMinimum Support Price (MSP)
CropsKharif crops
UnderCentral Government of India
Check onlineMSP for Kharif Crops 2022

New MSP Price List 2022

This year the Government of India has increased the MSP for all Rabi crops for RMS 2022-23, so that the farmers can get the right price for their crop. To ensure remunerative price to the growers for their produce and farmers to get the right price for their crop. With this new MSP policy, the farmer will get minimum 50% profit as margin.

MSP Price List

The Government of India has always been making many efforts for the farmers so that they can get maximum benefit. Along with this, many farmer organizations were also demanding MSP. Therefore, the central government has increased the Minimum Support Price, due to which the farmers are likely to get about 50% return.

MSPs List for Rabi Crops 2022-23

Check out the complete list of New MSP Price List, issued by the Government of India.

CropMSP for RMS 2021-22 (Rs. / quintal)MSP for RMS 2022-23 (Rs. / quintal)Cost of production 2022-23 (Rs. / quintal)Absolute Increase in MSPReturn over cost (%)
Masur (Lentil)51005500307940079
Rapeseed & Mustard465050502523400100

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For your information, let us tell you that the central government has increased the MSP of coarse cereals like jowar by Rs 118 to Rs 2738 per quintal, which was Rs 2,620 last year. Similarly, MSP of bajra has been increased from Rs 2,150 to Rs 2,250 per quintal from last year. Along with this, the MSP of groundnut has been increased by Rs.275 to Rs.5,550 a quintal. Similarly, sunflower seed has been increased by Rs.130 to Rs.6,015 a quintal.

FAQ – New MSP Price List

What is MSP?

MSP is also called Minimum Support Price. Under which the farmers have to be provided the right price for the crop.

What is the full form of MSP?

Full form of MSP is Minimum Support Price.

In today’s article, we have shared with you the New MSP Price List issued by the Central Government. Which farmers can see on our site. This will greatly benefit the farmers and will help in deigning their income.

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