Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the world 2024

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Most Visited Websites in the world – Nowadays the age of internet is going on, you will get everything in the world online. Internet has captured the whole world in a very short time and millions of sites are running online. Some of these have be2come a part of our life. Google, Bing and Facebook are the most used all over the world because of their services. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the world. Which is used by millions of people everyday.

Whenever we have to find out about any information, we use the Internet. After which we can get information through the website. Millions of websites are being created every day all over the world. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared the list of top ten most visited websites in the world on the basis of website’s popularity, website traffic.

top ten most visited websites in the world

Top Three Websites (Monthly visits):

  • Google: 92.5 billion
  • YouTube: 34.6 billion
  • Facebook: 25.5 billion

The Top Global Websites

1Google.com92.5BU.S.Search Engines
2Youtube.com34.6BU.S.TV Movies and Streaming
3Facebook.com25.5BU.S.Social Networks and Online Communities
4Twitter.com6.6BU.S.Social Networks and Online Communities
5Wikipedia.org6.1BU.S.Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
6Instagram.com6.1BU.S.Social Networks and Online Communities
7Baidu.com5.6BChinaSearch Engines
8Yahoo.com3.8BU.S.News and Media
9xvideos.com3.4BCzech RepublicAdult

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the world

Here we list the 10 most popular and visted websites in the world.


Google popular website in the world

The name of comes first in the category of the world’s most popular and visitor. For your information, let us tell you that the number of Visitor in a woman on Google is more than 92.5 Billion i.e. much more than countries like Russia and Germany. This is a kind of search engine where you can get all kinds of information very easily. Ever since Google was created, it has remained at number one, because it is the most used search engine in the world.

Along with this, Google’s email service, and youtube are also very popular, which have the highest number of fans around the world. Let us tell you that the current CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai who is of Indian origin.


YouTube comes in the category of the second largest most visited website in the world. This is an entertainment platform. You will be surprised to know that the number of visitors per month on is more than 34.6 Billion. You tube is a very big popular video sharing website on which any person can upload his video content, and it can be seen by anyone around the world. After some time Google bought it for $1 billion.

Youtube most popular website in the world

In YouTube you will get to see videos of all categories like music videos, educational videos, news, TV daily shop clips, entertaining videos, movies etc. It is completely free, due to which it is very popular. This is a product of Google, due to which you can login to it with your Gmail ID. With this, you can earn money by uploading your video material. There are many YouTubers who are earning a lot of money with the help of this.


facebook most visted wevsite in the world

Facebook is the world’s third most visited site, through which you can talk with your friends, share your life events and post videos and photos with it. For your information, let us tell you that Facebook was started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, who changed the way by talking about it, due to which its popularity is increasing. Facebook has more than 25.5 billion users all over the world.

Facebook always brings new features to its users. Now it has also become a platform to do business, due to being users of the whole world, you can promote your products and services, many marketer and honor companies are doing this.


twitter most visited website in the world

Twitter is a popular social networking site or you can also call it a microblogging site. Here you can publicly share the message of 140 characters, which is also called Tweet. Anyone can use it and it is completely free, if you want to promote then you have to pay the amount to Twitter.

Political leaders and celebrity are associated with the whole world on Twitter, everyone tweets on it. You will be surprised to know that the number of monthly visitors to this site is about 6.6 Billion, due to which it has ranked 4th in Most Visited Websites in the world. Some time ago twitter was bought by Elon Musk.


wikipedia worlds most popular website

Here you will get information from all over the world, there is nothing whose information is available on Wikipedia. Because of this Wikipedia is the fifth most popular and visited website in the world. was started on January 15, 2001. Then it was started in only one language, but as its popularity started increasing, Wikipedia started adding articles to it in spoken languages ​​all over the world. At present, there are 38 million articles on Wikipedia.

It is an open platform where anyone can update the content, for this the source of that information has to be given which will be visible to you after approval. Coming to Wikipedia is a big deal.


There is hardly anyone who does not know about Instagram. This is the most popular social networking site and app of today’s time. On which you can upload your photos and short videos. Using this, you can connect with more and more people. There are celebrities and politicians from all over the world on Instagram. It was launched in 2010, after which Facebook bought them in 2012, now it is a product of Facebook.

Along with sharing photos and videos, people have started using it in business as well. Because of which the number of monthly visitors on is more than 6.1 billion and it is increasing continuously.


There are very few people who have heard about Baidu, it is a kind of search engine which has been created by China. Here you will find more than 740 million web pages and more than 50 million photos. Along with this, you can get more services like Baidu Map, Baidu news etc from here. Due to which the number of monthly visitor on it is about 5.6 billion.


Yahoo is also a very popular search engine which is liked all over the world. For your information, let us tell you that Yahoo is an American Multinational Technology Company whose head office is located in California. It’s services like Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, online mapping, social media accounts etc. Known because of Because of this, 3.8 billion visitors visit it every month. It is now rarely used in India.

FAQ – Most Visited Websites in the world

Which is the most popular website in the whole world?

There are many sites online, of which Google, Facebook and YouTube are the most popular. On which millions of visitors come every day.

These are some of the world’s most popular most visited sites, on which millions of people visit daily. Some of these websites are an important part of our life.

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