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Indian Government Internship Program – Many internship programs are being run by the Government of India for all the youth of the country. All the youth of th20e country can join the Indian Government Internship Program according to their qualification. Often students need internship during college or to get a good job in any company. However, if anyone does internship outside, then they may have to pay for it, while the tranning programs offered by the government are completely free.

If you also want to do government internship, then you can take advantage of this Indian Government Internship Program. With this, you can also join the Internship Program by the Government of India for free. In today’s article, we will know what is the Indian Government Internship Program? How to join the Indian Government Internship Program and which internship is being run, all these are being explained in detail.

Indian Government Internship Program

Scheme NameIndian Government Internship Program
Started ByCentral Government
BeneficiaryAll the young citizens of the country
ObjectiveTo give benefits of internship in various fields to the citizens of the country
Process TypeBoth Online and Offline

What is Indian Government Internship Program?

This scheme is being run by the Government of India for the students, young students can join the internship program according to the subjects related to their field. Such a program was started with the objective of providing skill based knowledge to the unemployed youth in the country. After the completion of the internship, everyone will also be given a certificate. Every year internship is offered by many government departments. These internships range from short term to long term. You can choose any one as per your choice.

Benefits of Government Internship Program

If you do internship in a government department, then you get many benefits as compared to internship from any private institution, which are mentioned below like –

  • For a good job, it is very important for you not only to have a degree but also to have experience in that field.
  • During internship, one gets to learn the way of doing work and the skill.
  • During internship, you get a chance to know your inner skills. So that you can improve your weaknesses.
  • How to deal with future problems is taught.
  • You learn from the mistakes made during internship and can improve it, which increases your confidence.

Indian Government Internship Program List

The Indian Government keeps on running such programs from time to time, so that the youth of the country can get skills along with education. In today’s time, students complete their studies, but to do the work, skill is required, which they do not have. Through the internship program, the students have to be skilled in their field of work, so that they can fight the future problems and achieve success in their career. After the completion of the internship in the Indian Government Internship Program, the students will be given a certificate which will be necessary for the job.

Internship scheme is run by many departments. Many internship programs are being run by various departments for the interested students of the Government of India, whose list has been given

  • NITI Aayog Internship program
  • RBI Internship program (RBI internship program)
  • Corporate Affairs Ministry Internship Program
  • Law and Justice Ministry Internship Program

NITI Aayog Internship program

NITI Aayog is a department of the Central Government. It was earlier known as Planning Commission, which was renamed in the year 2014. Under the NITI Aayog Internship Scheme, undergraduate (pre-graduate) / graduate (graduate) / post graduate (post graduate) / or students working in research are given the opportunity to intership in different departments, divisions of NITI Aayog. Through which one can know well about the work of policy making or their operation and implementation.

NITI Aayog Internship program Contact Details

Contact Number011 2309 6622
Departmentनीति आयोग (Policy Commission)
AddressNational Institute of Transforming India, Sansad Marg Area New Delhi,
Pin Code110001

RBI Internship program

Under the Indian Government Internship Program, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) runs internship programs from time to time for the students of the country. Under this program, you can get jobs in fields like finance, economics, banking. Research internship scheme of RBI also has various departments for which all eligible students can apply.

This internship will be of 6 months. Which can be done for 1 year if needed. A maximum of 10 interns are selected by the bank every year. All the students selected under the RBI Internship Program will be given a salary of Rs 35000 per month. Along with this, office space, internet and many other facilities will be given to all these interns.

Corporate Affairs Ministry Internship Program

All Law, Engineering and Commerce students can apply under the Corporate Affairs Ministry Internship Program. This internship program is best for understanding the trade and corporate rules of India. Any student who wants to make a career in this field must join this program. By participating in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Internship Program, students will be able to give the right direction to their career. The duration of this internship program is two months, in which the selected students will also be given a salary of Rs 10,000 per month.

FAQs – Indian Government Internship Program

What is the full form of NITI Aayog?

The full name of NITI Aayog is National Institution for Transforming India.

What is the official website of NITI Aayog?

The official website of NITI Aayog is

To provide quality skills to maximum number of students through internship program. You can apply online by choosing according to your education in any of the departments mentioned above. If you have any question related to this gluten article, then you can tell by commenting.

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