Airtel Recharge Plans and Offers List 2024

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Airtel Recharge Plans 2024 – Airtel is India’s largest telecom service provider company. This company has millions of customers all over India and it provides prepaid and postpaid plans along with internet broadband. Airtel has changed the price of its recharge plans, about which you can see below.

Airtel Recharge Plans List

Check out the list of Latest Airtel recharge plans list with all details of price, data benefits, validity, SMS.

Recharge PlanData BenefitValidityCallingSMS
Rs 19200MB2 DaysUnlimitedNIL
Rs 99200MB28 Days₹99 TalktimeNil
Rs 109200MB30Days₹99 TalktimeNIL
Rs 111200MB1 Month₹99 TalktimeNil
Rs 1551GB24 DaysUnlimited300 SMS
Rs 1792GB28 DaysUnlimited300 SMS
Rs 1991GB per Day24 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2091GB per Day21 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2391GB per Day24 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2651GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 29625GB30 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2991.5GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 3192GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 3796GB84 DaysUnlimited900 SMS
Rs 3983GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 3992.5GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 4556GB84 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 4791.5GB per Day56 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 4992GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 5191.5GB per Day60 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 5593GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 5492GB per Day56 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 6661.5GB per Day77 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 6693GB per Day56 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 7791.5GB per Day84 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 8392GB per Day84 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 9992.5GB per Day84 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 179924GB365 DaysUnlimited3600 SMS
Rs 23981.5GB per Day365 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 29992GB per Day365 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 33592.5GB per Day365 DaysUnlimited100/Day

List of Airtel Recharge Plans For more details visit

Airtel New Prepaid Recharge Plans List

Airtel Prepaid Plans PriceBenefitsValidity
Rs.5858 for Existing 3GB Data PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.11812GB Data for Existing PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.9999 Talktime with 200MB Data28 Days
Rs.179Unlimited Talktime and 2GB Data Pack28 Days
Rs.479Unlimited Talktime and 1.5GB/Day Data Pack56 Days
Rs.30150GB Data for Existing PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.299Unlimited Talktime and 2GB/Day Data Pack28 Days
Rs.155Unlimited Talktime and 1GB Data Pack24 Days
Rs.719Unlimited Talktime and 1.5GB/Day Data For 84 Days84 Days
Rs.455Unlimited Talktime and 6GB Data Pack84 Days
Rs.107.47 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.2,999Unlimited Talktime and 2GB/Day Data For 365 Days365 Days
Rs.1828 Days ISD Pack28 Days
Rs.265Unlimited Talktime and 1GB/Day Data For 28 Days28 Days
Rs.549Unlimited Talktime and 2GB/Day Data For 56 Days56 Days
Rs.1,799Unlimited Talktime and 24GB Data Pack365 Days
Rs.14815GB Data for Existing PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.985GB Data for Existing PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.209Unlimited Talktime and 1GB/Day Data Pack21 Days
Rs.1086GB Data for Existing PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.799International Roaming Pack30 Days
Rs.839Unlimited Talktime and 2GB/Day Data For 84 Days84 Days
Rs.500423.73 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.239Unlimited Talktime and 1GB/Day Data For 24 Days24 Days
Rs.10081.75 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.997997 International Roaming Pack1 Day
Rs.359Unlimited Talktime and 2GB/Day Data For 28 Days28 Days
Rs.699Unlimited Talktime and 3GB/Day Data Pack56 Days
Rs.8382GB Per Day56 Days
Rs.2014.95 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.755TalkTime NA, International Roaming Pack5 Days
Rs.1199TalkTime NA, International Roaming Pack30 Days
Rs.666Unlimited Talktime and 1.5GB/Day Data For 77 Days77 Days
Rs.449Unlimited Talktime and 2.5GB/Day Data Pack28 Days
Rs.5993GB Per Day28 Days
Rs.3,3592GB Per Day365 Days
Rs.1,000847.46 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN
Rs.5,0004,237.29 Talktime PackEXISTING PLAN

Airtel 4G Data Recharge Plans List

Check out the list of additional airtel data recharge plan.

Rs 191GB of data1 day
Rs 583GB of data.Existing
Rs 985GB of dataExisting
Rs 1086GB of dataExisting
Rs 11812GB of dataExisting
Rs 14815GB of dataExisting
Rs 30150GB of dataExisting

Airtel’s best plan is 179, in which 2 GB data, unlimited calling and 300 SMS are available, that too with a validity of 28 days. If you have any question related to airtel plans, then definitely tell by commenting.

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